Guess who's excited at
returning to Abrolhos?

Danielle Michalak is back and working at Abrolhos Steel.

The popular Customer Service Officer spent a lengthy sojourn travelling the country with her fiancé Sam and returned to the Abrolhos Steel fold earlier this year.

Check out what she got up to in her travels under the “Our Team” banner.

Buy a Trailer...

Abrolhos Steel has gone into partnership with John Papas Trailers to sell its products in the Mid-West.

Abrolhos will offer the full range of trailers and already has a large display at its Webberton headquarters.

Abrolhos Steel owner Phil Martin said it was a tremendous synergy to offer high-quality, WA-made trailers to Mid-West customers.

“I’m delighted to be able to offer this service to our customers and bring the trusted name of John Papas to Geraldton.

“Come on in, buy everything from light to heavy duty and have it registered and out the door in 15 minutes.”

John Papas Trailers’ Ivan Pelicon said: “We at John Papas Trailers are happy to bring Philip Martin on board from Abrolhos Steel to sell our trailers in the Mid-West region. John Papas Trailers has been established since 1963 and still manufacturing a large range of trailers to suit our customers’ needs.” 

Trading With Us...

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