Abrolhos Steel is the leading company to deal with in the Geraldton district....

Philip tells us more:


“I've been given the opportunity to buy, grow and develop the distribution business in Geraldton. Abrolhos Steel is a regional distribution business that is owned and managed by myself. I’m really enjoying this journey and I understand how to operate a regional distribution branch in a tough market.”


In fact, Philip launched the branch more than 16 years ago as Steelmark/Smorgon’s, so he knows what it takes to establish links and liaisons in a regional market. Customers have noticed little difference in the changeover other than having Philip knock on your door to re-establish old friendships. In another sweeping move he changed the name of the company to Abrolhos Steel, effective December 1, 2016, to bring it more in line with its Geraldton roots.

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