Another new exciting project that Abrolhos Steel has embarked on is renovating and converting 20 and 40-ft containers into remote-site offices, crib rooms, kitchens, toilets and storage facilities.

Combined with a combination of containers and dome shelters, Abrolhos Steel has been creating work spaces for remote contractors around Western Australia.

Designs are custom-built based on clients’ needs and requirements.

The growth of this division has sprung from the growing onsite requirements for Abrolhos Steel’s clients, which has now plugged a gap in the market.

Abrolhos Steel Managing Director Phil Martin says: “This is an exciting venture for our business as we dovetail with our client’s expansion needs.

“Within a month we can create a workspace in the middle of nowhere with the use of these 20 and 40ft containers.

“With the long-term experience and know-how, we can set up the groundworks for these new camp facilities.”

Contact Phil to see how Abrolhos Steel can provide solutions for your remote-site projects.

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