Jeff has been with Abrolhos since August 2020. A Geraldtonian through and through, Jeff was a crayfish factory worker and supervisor for 20 years up and down the coast.

“Then I went over doing scrap metal yard work in town for 12 years and decided to have a change and came to Abrolhos Steel.

“I serve customers and do what needs doing, loading and unloading trucks, doing deliveries, dealing with the scrap metal — ferrous and non-ferrous — and anything Phil wants me to do, I do it.

“I love the variety of the work, not being stuck in one place and getting out and about, doing different things.”

When Jeff’s not working, you can find him at home spending time with his wife and following sport, especially football and cricket.

“I played footy for a long time, with Chapman Valley, and played cricket at school.”



ROB ROFFEY — Storeman

Rob arrived at Abrolhos Steel in October 2020, coming from courier driving with GH Country Couriers and before that as a warehouse supervisor for Statewide Steel. Before that he was a storeman for Smorgon Steel (1998), the precursor of Abrolhos Steel. That means he has turned full circle in his career.

“it’s great coming back to the job I knew and enjoyed.

“I enjoy the variety of work we get through at Abrolhos and I enjoy working in a field I’ve been in since way back in 1998.”

Rob has been heavily involved with the firefighting scene. “I’ve done 15 years as a volunteer firefighter and I’ve also been involved with the Batavia Coast Miniature Railways.

“My father used to work on the G Class locos at Midland Railways as a boilmaker and he now owns a miniature G Class that can be seen puffing along the tracks every first Sunday of the month at the Railways’ headquarters in Spalding Park.

“When I’m not doing that I’m out fishing and spending a bit of time with my wife, Dawn.”