No Job Too Big...

One of our clients needed a 24m ventilation shaft constructed at an underground mine. We designed, sourced the material, constructed, assembled and installed the 4m-wide shaft before backfilling with concrete.

"It was a tough assignment, but nothing we couldn't do," says Albrolhos Steel owner Philip Martin.

"The environment was particularly tough and the work undertaken in harsh, sweltering conditions, but it was completed on time and on cost."

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Our Vision...

Abrolhos Steel is partnering with our Midwest customers to deliver their complete steel project needs, from reinforcing ground slabs to corrugated sheets on the roof. Abrolhos Steel provides complete solutions to all your domestic, commercial, mining, aquaculture  and agricultural metal requirements.

Changing Our Name...

Managing Director Philip Martin (pictured) says the recent change of the company name to Abrolhos Steel was inevitable.

“I wanted our focus to associate more with the locality in which we do business.

“We have a large, loyal clientele and I felt that changing the name to something more geographical better reflected who we were and what we wanted to achieve,” he says.

The previous business emerged as a company under Mr Martin’s ownership in October 2015. “I realised that we needed a more personal name and not the corporate one I started out with.”

The company quickly became a good citizen with sponsorship of the Geraldton Football League colts’ competition, various other local clubs and charitable organisations.Mr Martin is also a board member of the Mid West Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of the Geraldton Rotary Club, as well as playing water polo and basketball in local competitions.

“It is important to be part of the community and help out where you can, whether it’s in time or dollars. Although it’s been a tough first year in business, I’ve tried to make sure that my business has contributed positively to the community and I will continue to do so.

“I have been really fortunate to have gotten the support of local farmers, fisherman, builders, manufacturers, fabricators, developers and mines in the region.  Without their support my business would not have been here today.”

Mr Martin established the business nearly 16 years ago when it was called Steelmark/Smorgon’s and remained at the helm for three years before shifting to Tamworth and Perth.  Mr Martin says: “It’s great being in the Midwest and I believe it’s the best place in the world to live.”  Mr Martin is a long-distance ocean swimmer whose claim to fame is swimming the Rottnest Channel swim with the butterfly stroke. It is no wonder he likes living in sunny Geraldton with quick access to the ocean.

Bin There, Done That...

Looking for a tipper for all occasions?

Abrolhos Steel has one and two-tonne tippers available that can be used for a multitude of applications.

That could be for transporting scrap metal, all types of materials, wheat, grain, rubble and rubbish from one location to another.

Abrolhos Steel has various larger bin sizes — ranging from 3 to 12 cubic metres—  to suit all your everyday requirements. 

Abrolhos Steel also pays top dollar for used batteries, copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminium.

Call the office on 9935 9160 for more information.

Any old iron? Fill our bins as often as you like with scrap metal and Abrolhos Steel will dispose of it.

Use our bin outside our property in Beaver Street or if you have too much to handle, give our office a call.

Here's your chance to help the environment and get that scrap recycled.