Jumbo Jade...

Envision rich, emerald green-coloured jade with the purist clarity.


Envision owning one of the biggest gemstones in the world that has never before been on the market.


Coming from the depths of the Australian outback in the 1980s, the 770kg stone has brought continued luck and happiness to the original prospectors, but now it’s time to sell so that this good fortune can be passed on to someone else to enjoy. 


Due to the size and shape it can be used to carve a large object, cleaned up to show the beautiful natural shape or just leave in its raw, natural form.  


In fact, looking at one side of the gem it is even shaped like a map of Australia.


It has a cauliflower appearance and an exterior skin varying in colour from white magnesite to brown. Beneath the skin is the rich green of Australian jade, or high quality chrysoprase, which is ideal for carving.

Windows have been carefully cut and polished to expose the colour, quality and clarity of the jade inside.


The rock has been a regular centrepiece exhibit at the annual World Gems Expo in Hong Kong and has drawn international acclaim.


Its pristine natural state and completeness make this example of Australia’s finest jade an exquisite statement and is being offered for sale worldwide.


The open market value for a gemstone of this quality is above $US50 million, but being so rare, expressions of interest are sought. 



Please contact Philip Martin at Abrolhos Steel (+61455439930) or email at sales@abrolhossteel.com.au for further information. 

The back side of the gemstone, which has a vague shape on the Australian  continental mainland.



Total Mass 770kgs


Total Carats 3,850,000


Minimum 65% is assumed to be high-quality 

chrysoprase — 2,502,500 Cts